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Contact: MR.chen
Tel: 0576-88666163
Mobile: 18906584551,15057600339,15258591539
Fax: 0576-88666163
Address: Linhai Zone, Zhejiang Chemical and Medical Raw Material Area
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Taizhou Hoyoo Chemical Co.,Ltd is established in 2005 year ,is major in produce API and  intermediate pharma company ,our company is located in the east coast of Zhejiang province, named Taizhou city, which is well known as raw chemicals production base at national level,our  advantage product is Xylazine HCL,Furazidine,Lenalidomide and intermedaite ,cyclosporin A ,Coenzyme Q10,milnacipran HCL and intermediate,Paroxetine HCL,Vancomycin HCL ,Moxifloxacin HCL,Mycophenolic acid,Erythromycin,Polymyxin B Sulfate,Orlistat,Irinotecan API  And intermediate, to stable quality and good faith to win the domestic and foreign customers alike, in the domestic and international market with a strong competitive. The company in line with "win-win cooperation" principle, is willing to cooperate with domestic counterparts in good faith to create a better future!

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